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Is Karndean Worth the Money?

Posted on 5th October 2016 by admin

With so much choice for flooring your home or business nowadays, it can be tempting to select the cheapest option if it looks good. And to be honest, modern vinyl flooring can look great. We do sell a lot of it to our customers in Bonnyrigg and Edinburgh as it is available at a very affordable price. So why spend more on Karndean Flooring?


Karndean Looks High Quality

Karndean looselay luxury vinyl flooring

There is no doubt about it Karndean is a luxury, vinyl flooring. At a glance it can be difficult to tell if you are looking at real wood or Karndean. Even their stone effects are extremely realistic. So whether you want your home to look beautiful or your business to look professional, Karndean will have a style that suits your requirements.


Long Lasting Vinyl Flooring

karndean for business premises

All Karndean floors are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 years for commercial premises to a lifetime (35 years) for domestic use. Although cheaper vinyl flooring may look good at a great price, it will not last. A standard vinyl floor can be easily marked, scratched or cut. This will not happen with a Karndean floor, however even if it does, a small section can easily be replaced. Again this is not feasible with a roll of standard vinyl flooring.


Flooring that is Easy to Clean & Maintain

Karndean mimics wood and stone; both of which can be difficult to clean. A real wood floor can be damaged easily by water so you have to be careful with it when you clean it. The wood can also be damaged by the chemicals in cleaning products. Real stone and slate floors can be cleaned with water but as they are not always smooth it can be difficult to keep them very clean and hygenic. A Karndean floor simply requires a regular sweep and a clean with a damp mop. Karndean advise using a neutral detergent such as their Karndean Clean. The surface is protected against everyday scuffs and spills.


Unique Flooring Designs

Standard vinyl flooring is available in hundreds of colours and patterns so most people can find something they like. It is cut from a roll and laid in your room.


Karndean flooring is made in small sections like the natural product it is replicating eg planks of wood, stone tiles or pieces of slate. These pieces are then laid in a pattern or design that the customer chooses. Borders and design strips can also be included to make your floor unique.

Karndean floors

At Affordable Flooring, we believe for all the reasons above that Karndean is worth the money. Our customers are always happy with the results. Most people also enjoy the fact that they can have a stone look floor that feels warm and smooth underfoot.


If you would like to find out more about this great product, please visit us in Bonnyrigg where you can look at lots of samples. You will also be able to feel and see the difference between Karndean and a standard vinyl. Alternatively, book an appointment and we will bring the samples to you. The benefit of this is that you can see the product in your own home or business.


Pictures by Karndean