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Best Flooring for Edinburgh Homes

Posted on 9th January 2016 by admin


Edinburgh home - tenementEdinburgh has a great selection of housing from studios and tenement flats to grand town houses in Morningside and the Grange. Each home is unique in its décor and that includes its flooring. Whether it’s thick lush carpets and real wood flooring to durable affordable laminates, we pride ourselves on stocking all. If you are considering freshening up your flooring this New Year then here are some points to consider to get the best flooring for your home. 





Tenement & Flat Flooring

Edinburgh tenements and modern flats range from small 1 bedroom flats to large townhouses but there are a few things regarding flooring that apply to both styles of home.



Living in a tenement means that you will have neighbours close by and for some residents they will have neighbours all around them. If you want your neighbours to like you then you need to consider how much noise you are making. Once you get home from work, close the door and settle in for the night it is easy to forget that your neighbours could be listening to your every move whether they like it or not. We were told about a lady who reluctantly sold her lovely flat because the people upstairs removed all carpets and sanded their beautiful Victorian wooden floors. From that day on she could hear everything they did and she meant everything! The rumble of the washing machine at midnight didn’t affect the owners who slept at the other end of their flat but the people below could hear it clearly.


Neutral carpet
With this is mind we would highly recommend fitting carpets. Once we have laid a good quality, thick underlay with a carpet on top your neighbours will be amazed how much sound it blocks out.


And remember sound doesn’t just go up and down, it can go next door too. So even if you are on the ground floor and think it doesn’t matter thumping about with your shoes on because no-one is below you, your neighbours next door are likely to be disturbed by the noise. This is especially the case if you have joint chimneys.


If you do insist on wood or vinyl floors because you love them, have pets or just can’t afford carpet then consider adding good quality underlay or a few rugs. Also make sure you remove your outdoor shoes when inside.






Due to the large size of rooms and high ceilings in old buildings some of them can be chilly especially if you also have old single-glazed windows and only 1 heater. Laying carpet can help remove some of the cold draughts from the floorboards, and as carpet retains warm air longer it should help you reduce your heating bills.


Edinburgh House Flooring

If you own a detached home in Edinburgh then you don’t have the problem of neighbours hearing your every move, therefore you have a far greater choice of flooring available to you. Noise between rooms can still be a problem in older properties that have little insulation so in this case you might find carpeting your home helps with noise and warmth.


Should Karndean Looselay available at Affordable Flooringyou decide to lay new hardwood flooring then please make sure that you start with a good quality underlay.

Ground floor rooms with access to the garden are far more likely to have to deal with muddy feet especially at this time of year when the ground is very wet. In this case we would recommend a flooring that can be easily cleaned and is hardwearing. Depending on your budget and taste there are some fantastic modern vinyl floorings available that have superb cushioning and come in every colour and pattern imaginable. We also love Karndean flooring. It is a bit more expensive than vinyl but is extremely hardwearing and some of the designs really do look like real wood or stone. Customers love having the look of a stone floor in their kitchen but with Karndean it is not cold and you aren’t as likely to break everything that you drop on it.


Selling Your Edinburgh Home?

If you are planning on selling your home in the coming year, you need to make it as appealing to potential buyers as possible. One way of doing that is spending a little money freshening up the walls with a new coat of paint and where necessary replacing worn carpets with something new. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive carpet but replacing an old dated carpet that has brown swirls with an modern, clean neutral colour could be enough to sell your home. Even Sarah Beeny says buyers are now looking for carpets over wood floors.


Properties for Let – Flooring Restrictions

Edinburgh Council has introduced a requirement for floor coverings in HMO (house in multiple occupation) properties. The aim is to reduce noise. Landlords must now replace wood or laminate flooring with good quality underlay and carpet, or cushioned vinyl flooring. More information can be found on the Council website. Don’t panic if you think carpet won’t last as long as wood flooring, as there are some fantastic hardwearing, cheap carpets. We always stock a range of these carpets in popular colours.



There are fantastic flooring solutions for all homes and budgets, however if you are in Edinburgh and surrounded by neighbours then you really can’t go wrong with carpet.


Benefits of carpet

carpet colours

  • Reduces noise pollution from voices, TV and radios as carpet absorbs sounds
  • Creates a sound barrier between floors and masks the sound of footsteps
  • Adds warmth to your home as it retains warm air longer
  • It is comfortable to sit, play or walk on
  • Available in hundreds of colours and patterns to suit all tastes
  • Can improve indoor air quality as it traps dust and pollen
  • Reduces the chance of slips and falls, and if you do fall it minimises injury
  • Easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and will last longer if professionally carpet cleaned regularly
  • Available in all price ranges. Even cheap, synthetic carpets now look good and can last a long time.

If you would like some help and advice choosing your new flooring then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced sales team. You can view samples in our Bonnyrigg showroom or we can bring some to your home or business premises.